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Kelly Walsh, RMT, CLT

Kelly began her career as a Registered Massage Therapist after graduating from ICT Northumberland College in 2007.

Kelly strongly believes in the healing power of massage therapy and understands that no one treatment works for everybody, therefore along with traditional therapeutic Sweedish massage, Kelly has advanced training in various forms of massage in order to provide her clients with the most effective treatment, designed specifically for their individual needs.


*Deep Tissue Therapy 

*Myofascial Approach to Postural Dysfunctions

*Soft Tissue Release 

*Trigger Point Therapy

*Pre-natal Massage 

Kelly is aware that every massage treatment must have an overall relaxation focus in order to restore and maintain health and balance of both body and mind.

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Jessica Tatlock, RMT, FST(1)

Jessica is a 2005 graduate of Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy Halifax Campus' 2200 hour diploma program, graduating with a first place standing for highest academic achievement. During her studies she participated in chronic pain and sports massage community clinics and is trained in:

* Sweedish Massage

* Deep Tissue Massage

* Trigger Point Release

* Myofascial Release

* Breast Massage

* Intra-oral Massage

* Fascial Stretch Therapy 

A native of the town of Wolfville, Jessica looks forward to giving back to the community she grew up in. Jessica is a firm believer in living a healthy lifestyle and is extremely enthusiastic about outdoor sports. 

She believes that the road to recovery begins with a positive attitude. With a deep respect for the complex mechanics of the body, Jessica views massage therapy as an important tool that can be used to achieve full body health and wellness.

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Shandelle Warford, RMT

While growing up in Newfoundland, Shandelle has been involved in ballet and other forms of dancing from 17 years of age. This led to perusing a career where she could work with the public to help them overcome physical issues and injuries. In 2006 Shandelle attended ICT Northumberland College in Halifax and graduated from the Massage Therapy program in 2008.
Shandelle works with a wide variety of clients from children, to para-athletes. She is very client focused and believes that education and complimentary therapies help with a client's success in overcoming injuries. Her focus includes trigger point therapy, pregnancy massage, TMJ treatments, Sweedish and deep tissue massage, and fascial release. Shandelle believes that creating a relaxing environment is one of the keys to a successful treatment protocol.

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Erin Douglas, RMT, CLT

After graduating from Mount Saint Vincent University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and working in that field, Erin knew that she needed to make a change. Her passion for health and helping others led her to Massage Therapy. 

Erin graduated from the College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Halifax in 2016, and has been practicing at Bodyworks since her graduation.

Using an intuitive approach Erin has treated a range of conditions, and incorporates a number of techniques into her practice, including myofascial release, trigger point release and traditional Swedish massage.

Erin has also completed training in 2018 at Meditech Training and Education Centre in Toronto and is a Certified Laser Therapist using Bioflex Laser. Using low level light therapy she is able to treat a number of conditions.

Erin is a member in good standing with the Massage Therapists Association of Nova Scotia (MTANS)

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Misty Hemphill, RMT

Misty is a 2003 graduate of the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy.
Misty is passionate about the ability massage therapy can have in helping you manage your pain. 
Misty has specialized training in chronic pain management, myofascial trigger point release, and intra-oral massage for the treatment of TMJ. 
Misty looks forward to providing a treatment specialized for each individual to help with pain management.

Relaxing Massage
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Acupressure Neck Massage

Diane Terry-Lee RMT, d.Ac

Diane started her career in Massage Therapy in Fredericton, in 1996. She added Acupuncture in 2007, which she uses to help treat musculo-skeletal issues. She has also studied Myofascial Release, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Cupping Therapy, and Auricular Acupuncture.
She moved to Wolfville in 2018 and loves it here in our small town.

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Kristy Stewart, RMT

Kristy graduated from The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Halifax in 2019. During her studies she participated in Pregnancy Massage and Sports Therapy Community clinics. Kristy uses a number of different techniques in her practice including, trigger point release, traditional Swedish massage, and Cupping Massage Therapy.
Kristy believes in living a healthy and active lifestyle. Outside of work she loves to spend her time cycling, practicing yoga, being outside and spending time with family.

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